Friday, November 30, 2012

Spanish Writer Jose Caballero Bonald Wins 2012 Cervantes Prize

The Spanish writer Jose Manuel Caballero Bonald has been awarded the 2012 Cervantes Prize.

Jose Manuel Caballero, an 86 years old Spanish writer from Jerez has been a very influential figure in modern Hispanic literary specially for his strong ties with Latin America. In the words of Dario Villanueva, the president of this year's jury Caballero's work is very much appreciated by Spanish speakers and Spanish readers both in Latin America and Europe.
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He was one of the top writer of Spain in the 50's and 60's. His most popular works include "Manual de Infractores" which is a book of poetry that exalt rebelliousness and non-conformism, Anthology of Góngora's poems in 1982 and Mar Adentro The Sea Inside in 2002.

Some other works  by  Caballero include:

Mendigo (Beggar) (1950)
Las Adivinaciones (The Prophecies)
Memorias de Poco Tiempo (Memories of a Little While) 
Las Horas Muertas (The Dead Hours)
El Papel del Coro (The Choir's Role) 
Dos Días de Setiembre (Two September Days)
Pliegos de Cordel (Sheets of String) 

Caballero has been awarded many prizes including Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Cádiz in 2004, and the title of Favourite Son of the Province of Cadiz in 1999, Queen Sofia Award for Latin American Poetry in 2004) and Spanish Literature National Prize in 2005.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Latino Artist Fight to Be Included in the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts Honors Event

This weekend is the 35th annual honors at Kennedy center. An annual ceremony hosted by the president of United States where a group of honorees are given recognition by the center for their  contributions to American arts. For 2012, the list of honorees included David Letterman,  Dustin Hoffman, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Guy and Natalia Makarova. The very exclusive event is usually attended by big political donors with tickets to the event costing up to $5.500.

In its 35 years history, only 2 Latinos have made it to the honorees list: Placido Domingo and Chita Rivera prompting some Hispanic organizations to become more vocal about the lack of inclusion of more Latinos in  the honorees list.

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On September, an incident between Felix Sanchez, chairman of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts and Michael Kaiser, the president of the Kennedy Center, where an agitated Kaiser tells Mr Sanchez " Go F@ck yourself" and then slammed the phone down, after Sanchez request for more inclusion of Latinos in the honoree list, became a subject controversy with over 30 of the most important Latino organizations in the U.S. showing support for Mr Sanchez.

A letter of apology from Mr Kaiser followed two week later.

The episode became a top subject in the agenda of the National Hispanic Leadership Organization, a coalition of over 30 Latino groups nation wide. They put blame on Geoge Stevens Jr who is the producer of the event and the co-chairman of the presidents committee on the Arts and Humanities, for continue exclusion of Latino artist in the event.

                                                 The 2011 ceremony featuring Yo-Yo Ma 

The center gets close to $37 million in federal funds each year. Some had suggested that congress should suspend funding until the controversy has been settled.
Mr Sanchez thinks the Kennedy center is in clear denial about what they had done wrong. With the Hispanic population in the US at 17%  of the total population, the very low participation of Latinos seem discriminatory says Mr Sanchez.
With participation of Latino  leaders in congress Mr Sanchez has sent a letter to David Rubenstein, the chairman of the Kennedy Center, requesting specific action on Michael Kaiser and the appointment of an outside group with experience in diversity, to review the procedures of the honors selection process.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Spanish Language Style Book Launched by Associated Press

The Associated Press has launched its first ever Spanish Language stylebook. Its
English Stylebook has been the standard reference for journalist since the early 50's.

The new stylebook titled "Manual de Estilo Online de la AP" will be available trough the
AP website only for subscribers of AP starting the third week of November and for non
AP subscribers starting early 2013.The manual will be sold for prices ranging from $26 per year for individual subscriptions, and $210 per year for a package of up to 10 users.

The AP stylebook has been used as the standard for guidance on journalism, as well as for proper grammar,punctuation and writing style.The manual includes a list with words,names and location with  its explanation on how to use them properly.

The online version of this new the Spanish language stylebook will be updated it in regular basics. This
version also will included subjects like sports, arts and new technology terminology in Spanish.

This is a sample of how English speaking jornalist use the AP Stylebook:

For more info you can follow AP in Spanish on facebook here:

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ads in Spanish Language Represented Only 6% in Past U.S Presidential Campaign.

President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney tried their best to garner votes from the Latino population. In the end, Latinos said they prefer Obama's view on immigration such as the dream act policy, the Obama campaign spent more money on their ad campaign specially in  ads targeting Spanish speaking voters.


According to a new report by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the total of political ads in Spanish was 22.8 million or just 6% of the total spending on both campaigns.The report accounted only 10 states with an overall spending of 355 million.

The states where most money was spent on Spanish speaking ads were Colorado, Nevada and Florida. Democrats spent 12 million compare to 9 by the Republican party.It was clear from the start that Hispanics would play an important role this past election, however both campaigns failed to put spending at an appropriate level. Spending should be much higher said Javier Palomarez, president of  USHCC.


Latinos represented 10% of the total vote and their influence in key states like Florida and Colorado were of special importance for the Obama reelection effort.

There is no specific level of Spending say Palomarez, but both parties should be looking closer to the growing importance of the Hispanic vote in the upcoming elections.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Why Online Education is Better?

We are in the "Digital Age", we can now find everything on the network, entertainment, news, entertainment, shopping, etc ... But what many of us know, is the large number of online portals that offer free resources for learning or professional different areas, such as: the language.

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The languages ​​are becoming increasingly important in daily activity, in professional life, it is necessary to learn and know more than one language, and with the growth in Latin America Spanish language is becoming more important.
We know that usually the classes or training sites are located in the city center, and qualified teachers. We must pass across the city to take a lesson, and sometimes it is very difficult for traffic and for our work and personal obligations. Here we see the great importance of the online portals. Such sites offer lots of digital resources and best of all: Flexibility.

In a society so chaotic and so little time in the day to have free time, it is very important to manage our time as we want, and that's what these portals spawn. Another very important feature is the quality of the tutors and the ease of "connect with the world" via the Internet and then we can talk with  Spanish native tutors, Colombia, Uruguay and Spain, among others ... are countries where there are now large amount of online tutors, this due to the quality of their Castilian and neutral accent.

So using resources such as Skype, YouTube, Google Docs, etc ... we can have a communication "1to1" and in real time makes such perfect personalized lessons. It is easy to access it, and that social networks are very important now to find them, it is normal to find language training pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc ... What gives a freshness and youth, in contrast to the old idea learn in a classroom with a teacher boring and monotonous.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Monday, November 5, 2012

How The Presidential Candidates Are Doing In The Social Networks ( An Infographic )

With only one day before the presidential election  in the United States of America, most polls are predicting a very close election  We found this infographic about  how the two candidates are doing in the most important social networks.

Lets take a look:

                                                                                                         spanish classes online

As we can see, on the Social networks the advantage of Obama over Romney is clear.

The intention of the voters is a little different. On its latest poll of polls, CNN shows only a 3% points advantage for Obama in Ohio. This state carries 18 electoral votes and  has become a must-win state for both campaigns.

This presidential election can prove to be one of the closest one in history!