Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ads in Spanish Language Represented Only 6% in Past U.S Presidential Campaign.

President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney tried their best to garner votes from the Latino population. In the end, Latinos said they prefer Obama's view on immigration such as the dream act policy, the Obama campaign spent more money on their ad campaign specially in  ads targeting Spanish speaking voters.


According to a new report by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the total of political ads in Spanish was 22.8 million or just 6% of the total spending on both campaigns.The report accounted only 10 states with an overall spending of 355 million.

The states where most money was spent on Spanish speaking ads were Colorado, Nevada and Florida. Democrats spent 12 million compare to 9 by the Republican party.It was clear from the start that Hispanics would play an important role this past election, however both campaigns failed to put spending at an appropriate level. Spending should be much higher said Javier Palomarez, president of  USHCC.


Latinos represented 10% of the total vote and their influence in key states like Florida and Colorado were of special importance for the Obama reelection effort.

There is no specific level of Spending say Palomarez, but both parties should be looking closer to the growing importance of the Hispanic vote in the upcoming elections.

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