Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Spanish Language Style Book Launched by Associated Press

The Associated Press has launched its first ever Spanish Language stylebook. Its
English Stylebook has been the standard reference for journalist since the early 50's.

The new stylebook titled "Manual de Estilo Online de la AP" will be available trough the
AP website only for subscribers of AP starting the third week of November and for non
AP subscribers starting early 2013.The manual will be sold for prices ranging from $26 per year for individual subscriptions, and $210 per year for a package of up to 10 users.

The AP stylebook has been used as the standard for guidance on journalism, as well as for proper grammar,punctuation and writing style.The manual includes a list with words,names and location with  its explanation on how to use them properly.

The online version of this new the Spanish language stylebook will be updated it in regular basics. This
version also will included subjects like sports, arts and new technology terminology in Spanish.

This is a sample of how English speaking jornalist use the AP Stylebook:

For more info you can follow AP in Spanish on facebook here:

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