Friday, November 30, 2012

Spanish Writer Jose Caballero Bonald Wins 2012 Cervantes Prize

The Spanish writer Jose Manuel Caballero Bonald has been awarded the 2012 Cervantes Prize.

Jose Manuel Caballero, an 86 years old Spanish writer from Jerez has been a very influential figure in modern Hispanic literary specially for his strong ties with Latin America. In the words of Dario Villanueva, the president of this year's jury Caballero's work is very much appreciated by Spanish speakers and Spanish readers both in Latin America and Europe.
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He was one of the top writer of Spain in the 50's and 60's. His most popular works include "Manual de Infractores" which is a book of poetry that exalt rebelliousness and non-conformism, Anthology of Góngora's poems in 1982 and Mar Adentro The Sea Inside in 2002.

Some other works  by  Caballero include:

Mendigo (Beggar) (1950)
Las Adivinaciones (The Prophecies)
Memorias de Poco Tiempo (Memories of a Little While) 
Las Horas Muertas (The Dead Hours)
El Papel del Coro (The Choir's Role) 
Dos Días de Setiembre (Two September Days)
Pliegos de Cordel (Sheets of String) 

Caballero has been awarded many prizes including Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Cádiz in 2004, and the title of Favourite Son of the Province of Cadiz in 1999, Queen Sofia Award for Latin American Poetry in 2004) and Spanish Literature National Prize in 2005.

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