Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Historic" Mars Rover Discovery Revealed by NASA

After setting up very high expectations of a major discovery in Mars, NASA scientist talked about the analysis of samples of soil samples collected by the rover discovery.

For weeks, there was huge speculation online about  the possibility of a major announcement by Nasa. Speculation that included the possibility of a discovery of some kind of proof of live in Mars. The high expectations were set off by John P Grotzinger, the program director, when he said on radio that his team's latest discovery was "one for the history books". On Monday he said he was actually talking about the good quality of the data collected by discovery.

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The high tech instruments used by the rover include a sample analysis unit that takes Mars soil and put it under 1500 F temperature and then analyze the gases created by the burning process. Usually  finds are water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Dr. Grotzinger said with the huge amounts of date they have to analyze, it is very unlikely they will have a simple "bingo" moment and instead the process of discovery of Mars will be very slow and even boring. 

The curiosity rover landed in Mars on August 6th 2012.The rover's goals include investigation
of Martian climate and geology.The rover is also investigating  the role of water and the 
planet habitability in preparation for future human exploration.

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