Friday, December 7, 2012

The importance of Spanish in United States

Think about learning Spanish as a second language in United States is not an option anymore.  The figures obtained in 2000 census shows that the Latin people are the biggest minority in this country.  Even, there are some states which have increased their population between 200% and 300%.  That happens with Carolina del Norte, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee, among others.   It is not rare, the last elections show that effect, that some candidates try to convince Hispanic people for obtaining their votes.

We have to take into account that not only Latin people are talking in Spanish inside United States, there are a lot of North American people try to learning it, too. This fact amplifies the important of Spanish as a language in that country.  For that, some federal, state and local government offices ask some documents are translated in Spanish.  They have to be written in a clear, correct and very fluent Spanish version.  Moreover, there are some laws which force the companies that have a big amount of Spanish- Speakers workers to translate the documents which include them.  If the private companies want to enlarge the number of their customers, they have to produce more of their publicity campaigns in Spanish.

As we can observe there are a lot of communicative advantages about learning Spanish as a second language but there is one which is related with our own health.  According to York University in Toronto, Canada and Harvard University in United States to talk two languages can reduce the risk to have Alzheimer. This research was published in Trends of Cognitive Sciences.     

In conclusion and if we think about the rest of North American People and the way which the quantity of Spanish – speaker people are growing in this world`s zone, we can notice how important is all of them can communicate themselves in Spanish.  Maybe you live in some of the states that we mention before and you can feel that it`s necessary to know a little more about Spanish.  For example, if you are a policeman, a nurse or a doctor who is assisting a lot of people who come from different parts of the country you need to talk to them and, perhaps, in some cases, they don`t talk any word in English they only know Spanish. Don`t you think that it´s time to start?.   

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