Friday, December 21, 2012

What is necessary for learning a language?

Most of us can remember our time learning languages in the school and we are conscious we were not interested on them.  For that, the quantity of hours, we used for studying, were not enough.  Maybe, we listened a lot of songs or looked for other kind of documents written in this language in our computer or in Internet. Now, the things have changed and Spanish is talked in a lot of states and cities in the United States.

Today, We still have Internet but we know we need more time for learning something.  We want to do it.  We are more organized though our own duties, I mean family, work, etc. In summary, we are focused on obtaining more knowledge.  We are able to say that 50% of the requirements are fulled.  What else do we need?

A good teacher is one of the complementary elements.  That person can be talking to us in a regular class using programs as Skype, Google talk, etc.  But he or she does not need to be with us all the time.  We can have his/her guide for some hours which he/she can give us more elements or homework that can be done in our extracurricular time.  Even if we prefer, as students, we can propose the activities or exercises to develop in each class.  Perhaps, We have found some materials before class and we want to be sure that we understand it very well.  In that case, we can ask some questions about it to the teacher.

This last aspect could be considered our second element:  The educational material.  We have to take into account that Internet is a massive media.  It signifies a lot of teachers are putting their activities or suggested homework or maybe other students can send you a lot of web sites for obtaining more information. It increases our resources and the teacher is, again, our best lead.  He/she is in charge of saying us if that information is or not a reliable source.

We can continue getting a lot of elements in our daily life that let us to improve our knowledge in languages.  However, we need to remember that all the things that we can learn about a language depend on ourselves, the teachers and the materials that we are studying.  Only the teachers, mostly native ones, can give us sureness about the support activities we are working on or our friends suggest us.  

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