Friday, January 11, 2013

Some Useful Steps for Learning

There are a lot of people using time for studying but: are they doing a correct thing?  Maybe yes, maybe not.  Studying or learning something as a language is a good action.  All of us couldn’t be wrong.  The right question is: are the students using good techniques for reaching their objectives? Are they going to success?

How can we improve our knowledge?  We aren’t magicians or geniuses for obtaining all we want only thinking or planning to do it.  We need to follow some basic steps.

1.  Order. It’s important to know the answers for these two questions:  What do I need for obtaining this information?, and what am I going to do with it?

2.  Move your body. Stay put for a long time can be prejudicial to learning. If you cannot stand up, move your legs and arms for reactivate blood circulation.

3.  Eat very well.  There is a link among food and the substances which make easy the nerve impulses transit.  

4. Don’t try to learn when you are sleeping. Against myth that says it’s good to use an Iphone and earphones while you sleep, some researches consider the asleep brain doesn’t learn any.

5.  Sleep very well. When you are sleeping your brain is setting everything you learned. When you get up, you are going to remember better.

6.  Stop. Some relaxation minutes per hour or a change in your activity can help you.

7.  Repeat.  It can strengthen neurons connections. In that way and after a time, you can practice all you learn almost unconsciously.

These are some pieces of advice for learning all of it you want. There aren’t enough.  One of the most important aspects is to be interested in that you try to learn.  This article shows you the simplicity of the process but it demonstrates you need a lot of perseverance.

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