Friday, January 18, 2013

Spanish and social networks

We use social networks as twitter, facebook, Myspace, etc, everyday but What languages are we using in social networks? What could be the consequences of using them in a short and a long term?

According to a last research made by “Instituto Cervantes” Spanish is the second language used in twitter.  This study was published in its book named “El espaƱol en el mundo”.  It is the title of a yearbook series which the institute tries to collect information about Spanish demography; Spanish presence in scientific and technology production, translation and international organization; Spanish in media; Spanish evolution in fixed geographic fields as United States, Brazil or Asia; or its presence in other virtual places as Internet or Information Society.

The language use has turn into Spanish in the second one more used in Twitter after English and the third one more used in the Internet after English and Chinese. The same situation is happening with Facebook where it’s possible to find 80 million of users who talk Spanish.  For that, “Real Academia de la Lengua” is adding some neologisms as “tuit”, “tuitear”, “chatear” in its dictionary.  We cannot forget that Spanish has beaten, in the last ten years, languages as Japanese, Portuguese or German in its growth in internet.  Besides, it is predicted that, in three or four generations, United States is going to overcome Mexico as the country with the most quantity of Spanish speakers in the world.

As we can notice Spanish follows gaining ground in the world.  It means more and more people are talking in this language every day. It’s important to think about it if we want to show that our skills and knowledge is update.     


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