Friday, February 15, 2013

A new Spanish proposal in Doral, United States

A change is always something hard for people who don´t accept it.  It’s common that some of them create a way to face these new situations and, generally they choose between two options.  One of them is to try to do everything is possible for avoiding it.  The second one is to accept this new condition and adapt themselves to it.

Reading an article issued today in BBC World it´s possible to set a relation between the last assertion and this column.  According to the last one there is an argumentation among two important local government branches:  Mayor´s office and City Council.  The mayor involved in this polemic is Mr. Luigi Boria, the first Venezuelan Mayor in Doral, a city located near Miami, and in United States.  He is suggesting to designate it as a bilingual and bicultural place.  Throughout his reasons, it’s a good form to convince Hispanic with money to invest it in his city and, like this, to help local industry to grow and to obtain more jobs for people who live there.

He adds it’s not necessary for public servants to talk in Spanish but it could be a good tool for them.  In addition, according to him it would prevent that people feel rejected for being not able to express itself fluently in English with policemen, for example.  But the City Council answers no to his proposal. 

One of his big project opponents is Mr. Mauro Mujica, U.S. English CEO.   He thinks Mr. Boria’s idea is “absurd”.   Believe that Spanish is necessary for making business in United States is not logical, he declares.  However, he is not against the use of other languages inside United States.  What is your opinion about this situation? Who do you agree with? What do you think Mr.  Boria must do?

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  1. Yes! Adapt and assimulate. Learn to speak English.