Friday, February 1, 2013

Professions and Spanish

In United States, is it important to know Spanish for doing your job? Why yes or why not? Are there special places for meeting Spanish speakers? How can you be sure that your Spanish knowledge is enough for working? What could be some difficulties for understanding Spanish speakers?

If you are a nurse or a policeman in United States or maybe, if you live near to Texas you can notice that a lot of Spanish speakers don’t know or understand any word in English.  The situation could be more difficult if this person needs your help and you don’t know any in Spanish.  For example, if you are working in a hospital and a very old person comes with a terrible allergy and he or she doesn’t know how to explain you what does he or she eats or drinks, How can you explain to this person what can he or she do for feeling better?

According to some of our students, who are nurses, this situation is very common with old and poor people.  They have to face it every day.  It’s very usual this people don’t have anyone for helping them, I mean sons, daughters, granddaughters, grandsons, etc.  The hardest is that sometimes they, the nurses, don’t find exactly words for giving them, the old people, the correct instructions about the way to take their medicine or to take care of themselves.

Similar circumstances have lived another group of our learners, policemen.  They have met people who don’t understand some of United States rules.  For instance, some people who don’t know the right speed to drive in a specific place.  A lot of them don’t talk in English or maybe they use Spanglish which is not very common for these police officers because they don’t know Spanish.
We have other cases, such as New York, where our students, who aren’t nurses or policemen, find a lot of Spanish speakers in the subway, to give an example. That suggests, any person can find a Spanish speaker in any place around New York but whether you are a nurse or a police man and you want to help people that speak in Spanish it’s better for you to know this language.  To have a spontaneous conversation with a Spanish speaker can show you the quality of languages knowledge you have. You don’t have to go very far.  You don’t have to visit other place.  You can only take the subway.  Learn Spanish could be a very good decision.       

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