Saturday, March 2, 2013

Extreme Sports and Costa Rica

Have you ever gone to Costa Rica? Have you ever visited this beautiful place? Do you know some about the activities you can do there?  Do you like nature? Do you want to visit it in your next vacations?

When we think about Costa Rica, we can talk about a lot of animals like fish, birds, sharks, etc., and a great variety of trees; it means you have a lot of nature reserves to visit. You can practice sports as hiking.  Also, Costa Rica has a very appropriate river for practicing rafting.  This river is named Rio Pacuare. If you like extreme sports you can enjoy your time here.

Among extreme sports you can practice you have surf.  Costa Rica has 755 coastal knots in two oceans.  It has some advantages. While a side is in calm, the other one is usually rougher.  The temperature is very nice, too.   Pacific Coast offers more places to surf than Caribbean one because it is five times longer.  The best places to surf are located in Guacanaste, at country's northeast but there are excellent points in Central Pacific at South.

There you have the possibility to visit “The old bridge on Colorado River” that is located to 300 depth feet near San Jose and it is the favorite site to go bungee jumping for a lot of people who look for increasing  their adrenaline.  Special ropes of 100 length feet are used for these jumps.  It means each drop can reach 200 feet when the rope is stretched until the limit.

If you like to live extreme experiences in beautiful scenery where you can use your Spanish, Costa Rica could be an excellent option.  

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