Friday, March 15, 2013

The advantages of having bilingual children

How many kids do you have? Do you think it could be good for them to know more than one language?  What do you think it could be a good way to teach them two languages?

If your answers to the first and second questions were yes but the third one was negative we can give you some pieces of advice about how to help them.  The bilingualism has become to be very important for the future.  Only, in United States the influence of this phenomenon is very big.  In primary and high schools you can find a lot of students who need to talk both languages.

It`s necessary to remember than it`s very easy for a kid who is less than four years old to learn a language.  That is, because his/her brain can adapt itself to all the sounds a person produces when talks in one or other language.  In addition, baby’s hearing is very developed and he/she prefers to listen words more than any other noise.

For taking advantage of your baby´s abilities you can follow some steps for teaching him/her two languages at the same time, it means to help your kid to be a bilingual person:

    1.    Decide who is to talk what language:  if you and your spouse talk different languages, choose who is going to talk in what language in front of your child.  For example, if your wife talks in Spanish you can answer her in English or vice versa.

    2.   Read books in Spanish or both languages:  It could be very helpful for you.  It can improve his/her pronunciation.

   3.   Watch movies in the new language: Choose movies than you know he/she likes and be with them.  Remember that some cartoons have the possibility to select the language you can listen to it.

    4.   Go to cultural events where people talk about its origins and culture:  When you are learning a new language it’s important to know some cultural aspects about countries where it’s spoken.  In that way, you can teach and learn at the same time.

    5.   Travel when you can:     Enjoy your vacations visiting zones where you and your kids can listen and talk in the new language.

If your children are more than four years old, they are going to need more help.  In that case, we can give you our assistance by means of our tutors.  They can explain in a playful way all the Spanish rules and give them, according to their age, all the words and expressions they need to use.  Go ahead and take a free lesson with your children. 

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