Friday, April 12, 2013

Cultural differences in Spanish

Today, I want to share with you a very funny video where you can see the difficulties you can face when you don`t take into account the misunderstoods you can have when you are talking in Spanish in different countries or zones.  As we can write before it's very common that a word can have different meanings due to the culture or the customs this zone has.  In this video you can notice it's possible to have the same problem in English if you don't understand the contexts.   It's important to remember that when you are learning any language you need not only to study it for understanding in a complete way.  It's not enough the use of dictionary or to write a lot of the words all the time repeating them constantly, you need to listen, to ask and to pay attention to native people when they are talking.

Remember Spanish is spoken in a lot of countries.  If you want to be successful with your learning process, it's very recommendable to start with a specific Spanish zone or country or to have a teacher from a particular place.  After you have studied this zone in a very wide way you can begin with the differences between this one and other very near to it.  For example, if you start learning Argentinian Spanish you can follow with Spain because there are a lot of things in common between these countries.  Argentina history is very joined to Europe. Don't try to learn everything very quickly, it's impossible.  Don't try to find a magic method for learning all the meanings of every word because it's going to be a waste of time.

Patience and perseverance could be two excellent advisers.  One of the things you need to be sure is grammar and syntax are the same in every zone where Spanish is spoken.  Don't scare if the meaning of the words change.  If you understand the times or the structures that Spanish has you can understand any.  Words are only a code that we use according to our way of life.  When it happens, think about slang.  It's very similar in English.  There are a lot of slang expressions that can scare English language learners.

Please enjoy the video and give us your comments.  Thank you for them.

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