Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What happens to Sun Pyramid in Mexico?

Are you an archaeologist? Have you visited Mexico lately? Do you know all the important places of Mexican archaeology? This week, some news websites issued a very worrying report for the archaeology lovers.  One of the most important Mexican archaeological sites is in danger of sinking: Sun Pyramid.

After a 14 years research, a team of experts made a radiography of the monument using a cosmic radiation detector and discovered that the south zone of the Sun Pyramid is less thick in comparison with its north side.  It could cause a dropping.  One of the reasons of this situation is the way which the constant sun light is lighting up pyramid south area.  The rain isn’t enough. This side is going to be drier than the north one.

This antiquity place measures 63 meters of high and has 238 steps.  The base perimeter is 893 meters and each side is in average 223 meters. It has a volume of 1 million of cubic meters. The pyramid was restored a hundred years ago.  According to the experts it could have influenced the condition of the south part. They think that the waterproof material used was inappropriate and maybe it’s necessary to employ other kind of cement for making the south area a little more permeable.  These results cover only 60% of the inquiry.  For that, they will take decisions about pyramid maintenance and preservation when they finish the study.

You are on time.  Go ahead!!! Practice your spanish visiting this beautiful monument.

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