Friday, May 2, 2014

Buenos Aires and literature

Buenos Aires and literature

Are you a good reader? Do you like to know new titles and authors? Have you visited any Feria del Libro in South America? Do you like to read Hispanic books? Do you know Buenos Aires?  This is the moment of enjoying new Hispanic books in a very beautiful South American city which has an European resemblance:  Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is Argentina Capital.  It is located in South Hemisphere of America.  10 million of people inhabit there for that it’s considered one of the 10 more populated urban centers in the world.  It’s delimited by Rio de la Plata and Riachuelo on east and south sides.   The city is bordered by Avenida General Paz from north to west.  This avenue lets it to be connected with Gran Buenos Aires, a strip of a high crowd of inhabitants and a strong business and industrial activity.
Among touristic places you can visit there we have:

1. Obelisco: Buenos Aires symbol, National Historical Monument.  It is 67 meters of high and it is located downtown.  It was opened in 1936 and was designed by the architect Alberto Prebisch.  It owns a straight stairs without rail, with 202 iron steps, which guides you to the top.  From there you can appreciate Buenos Aires through any of its four windows.   

2.  Avenidas de San Nicol├ís:

a. Avenida 9 de julio:  It is one of the widest of the world.  It is 140 meters.  It was built in the beginning of XX century.

b. Avenida Corrientes: In this place you can find a lot of restaurants, cafes, bookstores, cinemas, theaters and other beautiful sites where you can enjoy a lot of more remarkable national and international plays.

3. Cementerio de La Recoleta: It was opened by first time in 1822 with the name of “Miserere” then it was called “del Norte” and finally it received its present name.

There are two main reasons which this National Historical Monument is so important: The first one its New Colonial, Neoclassical and Baroque architectural style that makes it one of the four more valuable cemetery in the world in architectural and artistic matter and the second one its crypts and mausoleums where the most important personalities and members of the aristocracy are buried.

In these days and since April 24th until May 12th Buenos Aires is celebrating its annual Feria del Libro.  It is going to be inaugurated by Quino, a very important Argentinan author, who will in charge of the opening speech.  Among the activities you have conferences, panel discussions, books introductions, conversations with authors, etc.  

As you can see Buenos Aires is not only tango and tourist places there you can have a lot of literature, too.  Don’t be afraid know new places, enjoy new cultures and practice your Spanish wherever you can.